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Cheers Open Stage

Cheers open stage was an active open mic night weekly on Tuesdays at the Cheers Village Pub on James Street in Thunder Bay. The open stage night at the pub was put on permanent hiatus when the covid pandemic restrictions on indoor gatherings began. The regular group of performers continued on a regular weekly basis in a private outdoor setting following the outdoor gathering rules during 2020-2021. Some online virtual nights took place during the strictest restrictions.

The cheers open stage is hosted by Kris Tonkens The group is primarily organized via facebook group [1]

Regular performers at Cheers Open Stage include:

  • Kris Tonkens
  • John Pidgen-Welyki
  • John Keetch
  • Sterling Finlayson
  • Eddie Vanesse
  • Richard Pepper
  • KC Westfort
  • Steve Mozarowski
  • Cora Feldel
  • Emily Anne (winner of songwriting competition in 2020)
  • Larry Fogolin
  • Crystal Hardy