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Heavy, relentless, smash your face and punch your mother heavy metal fused with hardcore and turbo speed punk rock.

Gigantasaur originally began as a one-man solo recording project by Destructo and a drum machine in approximately 2006. After the band Nukem went on hiatus due to scheduling difficulties, Gigantasaur was formed by original Nukem members Blakkstorm, Destructo and Benny. The band added Lyle as a lead guitarist. The band performed somes songs that were written by Destructo as demos the year before as well as some Nukem songs and one or two covers (Police Story by Black Flag was one of them). The band was a side-project for Blakkstorm from his main band Jagstog and was a side-project for Benny and Destructo whose main band was the Rad Kids (at the time.) Benny went on to play with The Bottom Rockers, Blakkstorm is still kicking arse in Jagstog and Destructo is playing with Red Devil. Gigantasaur played live at Disgraceland two or three times and recorded some really badly produced rehearsal recordings.

Song list:

  • Brainwashed Life (written by Destructo)
  • Get Fucked (written by Destructo and Randy Young)
  • Beer Store of Gore (written by Destructo)
  • Defiance (written by Destructo)
  • One Man Army (written by Destructo)
  • Kings of Royalton (written by Destructo, Camden Blues, Blakkstorm and Benny Bloodlust)
  • Police Story (Black Flag)
  • ....others? ....

Never Played Live:

  • Cause of War (written by Destructo)
  • So You Think You're Punk Rock (written by Destructo)
  • All We Eat Is Punk Rock (written by Destructo)
  • ....others? ....