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Cover Band:


I met Chris Baker at Funk 49 Clayte Street, legendary party/drug pit.

He was playing in a band with Joe Leonowens, Rob Oikenon, Hamilton and Adrian the dude with super long hair .

The ultimate goal of this band was to dink as many strippers as possible.

I started jamming with Baker in the early 90's on some kind of freeform noise jamfest inspired by the unlikely combination of Zappa, Sabbath and weed.

We spent a lot of time drinking at bars. We also spent a lot of time drinking at parties. We religiously smoked weed.

Baker played in some bands like Current River, Asylum and Eleventh Hour and played venues like Crocks N Rolls, The Inntowner and Stages. I don't know all of them.

Baker then moved away to tour with the carnival for many years.

Baker then moved back, we started jamming again, and he started playing Drums in The Bad Kids, Red Devil and The Westfort Jazz Attack

You can check out some of Baker's work in The Bad Kids and Red Devil at