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Cover art and layout by Micro Von Frankenstein


MULLIGAN is Trench Foot's first EP as well as their first ever studio recording. It was released on December 30, 2008 at Alfest 2008 and was available only as a free CD-R at a few Trench Foot concerts.

Recorded at Broke Toker Studios, the album was jointly produced by Andy Middaugh and Trench Foot. All instruments were recorded live with the vocals later overdubbed.


  1. Let's Meet Up In The Drunk Tank (1:59)
  2. Boozin' With Satan (1:15)
  3. Trench Foot Doesn't Apologize (4:16)
  4. 9:58 (1:50)
  5. Not Drinking And Jamming Is Fucking Lame (2:21)
  6. Guy Power (1:57)



  • The album's title is derived from the golf term where a player gets a second chance at taking the same shot, the reason being that the band plans on disowning that album once they make better ones
  • The lyric in the song "9:58" is about having two minutes to make it to the Beer Store; the song runs one minute and fifty seconds so that the song can actually be played as a soundtrack to a last minute beer run as the song would end before the Beer Store would be closed
  • Though the liner notes list a seventh song entitled "Part-Time Motherfucker", the song does not actually exist