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The Okhrana
Years active 2008-
Genres Black/Death Metal
Current status Active

The Okhrana


Founding Lineup

Live Lineup


So this is a little breakdown of whats going on here and what these songs are about

These songs are all inspired by the Russian front during WWII. Some are about specific battles others are about some of the socio-political silliness that was going on at the time. Don't worry, we're not goddamn Chaucer so no espousing of pretentious lyrical garbage. Think of it like Boltthrower.....from Russia!

First 6 song demo recorded July 2009, yet to be released as of August 2009 (The Okhrana - Onslaught of Terror). Upcoming shows expected in 2010.

First show was February 6th, 2010 at the Black Pirates Pub