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The Rad Kids formed in 2006. The Rad Kids broke up in 2008. The Rad Kids played a lot of shows in that time. A lot. After the breakup, Destructo went back to working at mcdonalds, Baker's at walmart and benny's still on welfare. That's all, folks.

Past Bio

The Rad Kids. What can be said? Rock. That's about it. Bastardized high energy punk fused with surf, blues, jazz, funk and a bunch of other stuff.



  • Dave Ramsay - Vocals - 1/2 song - 1 show @ Kilroys
  • Jimmy Laukka - Vocals - 1/2 song - 1 show @ Disgraceland
  • Andrew Benson - Vocals - more than 1 song - 1 show - Disgraceland
  • Andrew Raynak - Vocals - more than 1 song - more than 1 show - Disgraceland
  • Deann Abortion - Vocals - 1 song - 1 show - Black Pirates Pub
  • Gab - Vocals - more than 1 song - 1 show - Disgraceland
  • Randy Young - Full set (punk covers) - 1 show - Disgraceland
  • Randy Young - Half set (punk covers) - 1 show - DefSup Art Gallery
  • any others?

Online comments

"rad kids, thanks for fucking rocking my pants off."

"the Rad Kids are the most radical thing to ever come out of this town!"

"Rad kids are the fucking radicalist shit in t-bay."

"I'm like, well into the Rad Kids. I was trippin' something fierce on a cocktail of gamma-hydroxy-butyrate, dimethylaminoethanol, dimethyltryptamine, and about 3 variations of off-white powder that I was given as "extras" throughout the night, and the Rad Kids totally ruined my evening.....but, in a good way."

"The rad kids eat brains."

"rad kids were right fucking radical."

"My highlight of the night was JACK THE RIPPER, JACK THE RIPPPER!!!! Goddamn thats a hit."

"1, 2 RAD KIDS!"

"my mom thought the rad kids kicked ass"

"the rad kids were just that - rad. the 7seconds cover kicked ace. same with the monster magnet song."

"rad kids were my favourites of the night."

"Rad Kids melted my mind. fucking unreal"

"You guys kick ass man, One of the newer bands that im really excited about."

"Rad Kids were really really drunk"

-various posts on

External References

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