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The Rots
Years active 2001-2005
Genres Punk, Crust Punk "Punk]], [[Crust Punk" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Associated bands Arsenik, Arserot
  • "Arsenik]], [[Arserot" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
  • "Punk]], [[Crust Punk" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Current status Defunct

The Rots

The Rots were a punk/crust band from Thunder Bay, ON Canada. They were active from 2001 until 2005.


Last known line-up

Former members


The Rots started jamming and writing back in 2001 with founding members Spencer (guitar) and Justin (bass) and Turner (drums). After a few months of looking for a singer, we added Travis to the mic. We jammed a shitload of Casualties, Aus-rotten and A Global Threat. Justin ended up quitting before a show; this is when Kyle took over on bass. We played several local shows until Travis quit and left to Toronto.

Three of us progressed. We did lots of writing, lots of shows, and had a shitload of good times. We put out our first split with a local crust band, Arsenik, all recorded with nothing but a tape recorder and some headphones as mics. We called it Arserot.

Time passed and we saved up a bunch of money to record a s/t at Meathead Records. We sold those, and made enough money to head down to Duluth, MN to play a show at the 2003 Free Democracy Summit. We also added Gen for some backup vocals.

6 months later, we recorded our final record called The Eagle Stands. This was only a 6 song demo, mainly for distro. The recording costed us a case of beer that we drank with the dude who recorded us. This was by far the best sounding recording we have done. We sold these and were able to hit the road again for a show at MALA in Minneapolis.

Later on, Kyle quit and left the band for his own reasons, and Arsenik also found themselves going on hiatus at the time. Some time after that, the 2 bands merged, resurrecting with the name Arserot. Ed and Quillane on vocals, Spencer on guitar, Justin on second guitar, myself on the drums. I think we played 1 or 2 shows before Justin quit. After a year and a half of jamming, we added Ryan for lead guitar, and formed a new musical entity called D.E.A.D.



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