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Thunder Bay (aka Thunder Gay aka Tunder Bay)

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Funny Facts / Miscellaneous Trivia ----
  • Located on the scenic shores of Lake Superior
  • Smells funny to visitors for ~1 week, until their nose gives up and adapts
  • One of the few remaining places in the world untouched by modern technology...oh thats funny...!!!
  • Very close to the horizontal geographic centre of Canada

Brief History of Local Scene

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Local Music Scene Trivia Facts

  • Home to tons of local bands
  • Often host to high caliber out-of-town shows by bands ranging from the unknown (ie Mudlark) to major touring acts (ie Alice Cooper).
  • Local bands usually play both "all-local" and "locals-opening-for-out-of-towner(s)" shows.
  • Local bands make barely any money in this town. Most shows are played for free by locals to give out-of-towners more money for touring and to make it feasible for the out-of-towners to come to Thunder Bay
  • Many underground punk and metal bands stop to play shows in Thunder Bay while touring by van/car through Canada because Thunder Bay is located on the only TransCanada Highway connecting Winnipeg to the west and Sault Ste. Marie to the east. They often make just enough money for gas to the next city but the shows are usually extremely high energy and worth the exposure.
  • Thunder Bay has amazing scenery if you explore the great outdoors.
  • Thunder Bay has a strong underground artists community.
  • Tomsin (singer, Dishonourable Discharge & Trenchfoot) once jumped onstage at Kilroys and lit his pubic hair on fire while another band was playing. He was banned from the venue and had to miss a few of Trenchfoot's gigs there because of it. They played just without him.

More Information about the Thunder Bay music scene

  • For show listings and other info, check out Thunder Bay Shows & Events
  • For the local artists community, check out Definitely Superior Art Gallery