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Biography Page

Dr. Destructo

Quick Bio

I am a local guitarist and songwriter that has grown up in Thunder Bay and now lives in Shuniah. I have also played in a few Thunder Bay bands that I am proud of (see Dr. Destructo for a complete list). I originally published the website which published and promoted local mp3's online and attracted national and international traffic. I later started which was an interactive site for the local Thunder Bay punk and metal communities and continue to administer the site. Professionally, I worked in both construction project management and I.T. I also volunteered at LU Radio as a programmer (DJ) and hosted the weekly Revolution Radio show. I am an active performer at the Cheers Open Mic.

Bandwiki Bio

I contributed a lot of info to the original bandwiki that this database was imported from. I recently began doing more administrative work to (formerally located at In addition to hosting on my private server, I also help the main administrator (Tjernobyl) with administration and try to do as much general formatting as I can to the bandwiki pages. I am also beginning to help categorize the pages on this site and clean up the main page. If you want to discuss any changes that I make to the bandwiki, edit my Discussion page.


Check out Baycore for punk and metal.