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Bleak Records 3dbleak.jpg

1996- ?

Record label.

Administration: Mike Guerin Joe Gillis Jason Simpson Nick Frost

Bio from their website: Bleak Records was formed in the fall of 1996 by the members of Thunder Bay's "The Violet Hour" as a form of releasing their own material. While playing the city circuit, we have been exposed to many interesting bands that we feel should get the notice that they deserve.



  • BLK001 : The Violet Hour - "End It All" 30 minutes of punky-crunchy stuff.......$6.00 Ppd.
  • BLK002 : Kates Walker - "Pretty Damn E.P." 6 songs from those happy popsters.......$6.00 Ppd.
  • BLK003 : Society's Norm - "The Cheers E.P." 5 studio songs and 5 live from Thunder Bay's Eric's Trip-esque band..................$6.00 Ppd.
  • BLK004 : Highest Order - "Frustration E.P." Band has taken on the responsibility of selling cassettes themselves, to aquire "Frustration" you'll have to contact the band yourself.


  • BLK005 : The Violet Hour / VyV Split 7" E.P. 2 cool tunes from V.H. and 3 kick-ass surf tunes from VyV. Comes with stickers and stuff.....$5.00 Ppd.


BLKT-1 - Bleak Loser The classic design, Close to Sold out. $12.00 Ppd.

BLKT-2 - The Violet Hour "Heal Yourself" The infamous V.H. Crack baby shirt (pic not avail.) $8.00 Ppd.

BLKT-3 - VyV Man/Woman shirt SOLD OUT!

BLKT-4 - Bleak Waitress cool tee! (on back) "Coffee? Tea? Bleak?" $8.00 Ppd.