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Other non-musical contributions: Peace keeping, packaging, mailout, public relations, distribution, pizza ordering, beverage pouring etc...

  • Fave Colour - Black.
  • Fave Food - Chinese.
  • Fave Drink - Ice Cold Coca-Cola, or water.
  • Fave Drug - Television.
  • Fave Group - The Rubber Dinosaurs.
  • Fave Song(s): - Hot Love, Cadillac & New York City - by T.Rex.
  • Fave Charles Manson Quote: "It used to be that being crazy meant something! - now everybody's crazy!"
  • Fave Pastimes: - Wondering why someone with a face like a Chupacabra's Ass with Hemorrhoids would ever think he could be a "male model".
  • I would describe myself as: A paradox of emotion, A student of the absurd, and a professor of the weird and strange. Conceited but talented. And an amused observer of this fantastic freak show we call life!
  • Guest Appearances: Meows, Bass, Lead Guitar & Harmonica on some tracks on the self-titled Stealing Food cassette.

Vocals, Rhythm + Lead Guitar, Farfisa Organ, Bass, & Percussion with - Steve Zodiac And The Fireballs. EDDIE DORAN SONGS PERFORMED BY OTHER ARTISTS: (*co-written with Mike Guerin):


  • Upcoming Projects: - The Moonmen Ate My Socks!!! Remixed & re-issued on CD, Escape From The Twilight Zone poetry book, & new material CD to be titled "Phantoms Fill The Skies".

Eddie Doran Eddie wearing Futuristic Dragon t.shirt.jpg