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Encrypted In Flesh
Years active Winter 1997 - Winter 1999
Genres Black Metal
Main songwriter Matt Baumann
Associated bands Awkward Silence, Jordana Divinorum "Awkward Silence]], [[Jordana Divinorum" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Notable for First known Black Metal band "Awkward Silence]], [[Jordana Divinorum" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Current status Defunct

Encrypted In Flesh



The first known Black Metal band to play in Thunder Bay, Encrypted In Flesh was as much stage show as music. The songs ranged from Cradle Of Filth standards to acronymically named originals, though after a while the lyrics morphed into self-parody. The shows were full of profanity and destruction, and often as not led to the band being banned from the venue.

Much of the original material was later resurrected and mellowed for the Neoclassical band Awkward Silence.

Though they never breached the barrier between underground and fame, Encrypted In Flesh nonetheless dominated local show posters as a headliner for several gigs, some of which were considerably major or notable. Word of mouth alone provided much of the hype the band garnered throughout their short existence. On Hallowe'en night of either 1999 or 2000, EiF performed a setlist at the Oliver Road Community Centre, which culminated in the destruction of one acoustic guitar. Also of note was the Lakehead University Outpost show of 2000 during which a leather-clad Matt Baumann asked an audience of 100-plus whether or not they would "fuck for an Oreo". The question was met with unanimous approval, which led the band to throw Oreo cookies into the crowd. John Benson recalls: "Despite being in Matt's pocket for nearly 12 hours, they were refreshingly tasty."

The spirit of the band survived in the stage show of Jordana Divinorum.


  1. - now defunct