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Generals Gathered
Years active Spring 2007-Spring 2011
Genres Doom Metal
Associated bands Warmageddon, Vagina Wizard, The Beatles, Chuck Finale "Warmageddon]], Vagina Wizard, The Beatles, [[Chuck Finale" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Associated venues Kilroy's, Black Pirates Pub,
Website MySpace, Bandcamp Online Album Free
Current status Dead

Generals Gathered


Former Members


Started by Chuck and Cam in Spring 07, they quickly filled out with Niles and Jay. Influences range from Electric Wizard, Anaal Nathrakh, Black Sabbath, to Gustav Holst, Arnold Schoenberg. This band plays doom metal with a weirdo / jazz / grindcore / funk / whatever edge and always puts on a good show.

Generals Gathered have opened for such ass kicking fellow metal bands as Gross Misconduct, The Womb, What's He Building In There, Scumbelly, Mudlark, Derelict, Black Magic Pyramid, Buried Inside, Cope, GSTS, and Jucifer.

They completed their first year of existence by completing a 5 track demo with no determined name, although several names have been considered, including: Metalavalanche, Two Mountains Fucking among others. We suggest you call it whatever you want. I would avoid the five track demo, and skip right to Doomestic Abuse.

Generals Gathered entered an extended hiatus while Chuck was out of town for school in 2008/2009, but continued playing in the summer of 2009, much to the delight of the band. During this period they introduced Dave Ramsay of Warmageddon and phased out Cameron. They played a handful of shows with two guitarists. During this period their well of influences expanded. They began to incorporate trombone, ska, post metal, free jazz, grindcore, British invasion and childrens literature. Jason has also abandoned lyrics and now just talks about icecream and Prince Adam.

2010 proved to be the most successful Summer of Doom yet. With a renewed focus and exciting new songs, Generals Gathered hit the stage with a song about local hero Jimmy, a song about Pokemon, and another song that barely made it to the stage that will become important later. They opened not only for the legendary drone titans Jucifer again but for some of the coolest bands from and touring in Canada right now, including Striker, Maus, The Memphis Blues, Endast, Blood Drunk, and more.

In Spring of 2011, they had disbanded, though Smelly Dave, Jay, and Chuck are inseperable best friends for the rest of the universe ever.



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