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  1. Small House Stories- Stop (T. Landa)
  2. Small House Stories- Being Messed Around (Hamilton/Landa/Merilainen/Skean)
  3. Small House Stories- Still Fond Of You (T. Landa)
  4. Small House Stories- Stone Angel (T. Landa/Hamilton)
  5. Lori L.- Pushing Me To The Edge (L. Cacciatore/Jamie Dyce)
  6. Criwolfe- Don't Turn Your Back On Love (J. Dyce/D. Isherwood/P. Gleeson)
  7. Raan- Dancin' On An Island (G. Anderson/T. Negus/N. Nesplak/C. Audet/R. Rutter)
  8. Robert Chabluk- No Man's Land (R. Chabluk)
  9. Love Dudes- Water Down Below Me (D. Zupansky/L. Henderson/D. Clarke/D. Wilson)
  10. No Exit- If You Need Me (D. Erickson)
  11. Andy Wolff- A Hippie Kind Of Dream (A. Wolff)



  1. The Derivatives- What's Going On (Derivatives)
  2. The Derivatives- Girl Live You (Derivatives)
  3. The Ministers Of Persuasion- Caroline (Ministers Of Persuasion)
  4. The Ministers Of Persuasion- Obstacles (Ministers Of Persuasion)
  5. Love Dudes- Wrong To Leave You Behind (Love Dudes)
  6. Lori L.- Top Of The World (L. Cacciatore, P. Gleeson)
  7. Hot Rod & The Pistons- She's So (P. Gleeson, R. Raslack)
  8. Raan- Matter Of Time (G. Anderson, P. Gleeson)
  9. Glenn Ivall- Like The Rain (G. Ivall)
  10. Richard Eras- It's Our Canada (R. Eras)



  1. Draggerman- To Young To Be Old
  2. Draggerman- Must Be Something
  3. Spoonful- Watch Your Step
  4. Karina Long- The Wind Won't Blow
  5. Fat Like Dad- Collide
  6. Lori L.- Heaven In Chains
  7. Jim Hamilton- Candle In Your Window
  8. The Derivatives- Trust
  9. Simon Barsinister- Little TA


  1. Simon Barsinister- The Dose
  2. Simon Barsinister- Hollywood
  3. Simon Barsinister- Mother's Eyes
  4. Your Mother- Sufferer
  5. Your Mother- Rain
  6. Julian- Rosalind
  7. Julian- Who Knows
  8. Julian- 3 Four
  9. Chris Sandham- Just One Kiss
  10. Chris Sandham- Living With A Memory
  11. Chris Sandham- Feels Like It's Gonna Rain
  12. Roxy- No
  13. Roxy- Life's So Sweet


  1. Animosity - In My Way
  2. Animosity - With Doubt
  3. Animosity - Won't
  4. Animosity - Crossing The Line
  5. Solution - Growin' Old
  6. Solution - Boyfriend's Lament
  7. Solution - Can't Find The Door
  8. 4 Holy Fools - Unlit City
  9. 4 Holy Fools - Monday Nite Movie