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Originally formed by The Resinators in 2001, Hometown Records was established as a way for them to release their own music on a label. Since then several different titles have appeared on Hometown.

Today the label still releases music by The Resinators as well as "The Old Dawson Trail Blues Band", "The Moonpeople (featuring: John Morris)", and "Oxtongue Lake".

Hometown Records will soon be uncovering several unheard recordings from the 1940s that it has just aquired. The label also plans to eventually put out similar projects from other decades. It shall be called "Live in the Lakehead - The 1940's Generation" and be released as part of the "Hometown Heritage Series". The project will feature many "never before released" recordings from live shows, rehearsals, radio appearences, and live record company audition tapes (that are thought to not to exist). All the recordings will be legally owned by Hometown and the best possible masters will be restored and used. It's a real insight into a long past music scene; part of our heritage.

The label will also be re-issuing albums from the 1990's (in the CD format) in it's "Indie Tape Re-masters" series. Several local bands shall be featured.