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December 2004- current


Former members:


Jagstog was created in early December of 2004 with member Kevin Cernjul (guitar), Kyle Jarabak (guitar), Brandon Oram (drums), and Colin Johnson (bass).

After a few weeks Brandon quit the band due to musical differences. Up and cumming drummer Jordo took his place. Mike Tenhave also came along with Jordo to try for the singing position. Wowing over fans at Battle Of The Bands and other events, Jagstog became a band with a cult following. Walking down a hall at St.Pats school wasn't possible without hearing "JAGSTOG!" yelled by someone.

Towards the summer of 2005 Jagstog began learning Slayer songs and jamming for a cover show. This led to the end of Jagstog for Jordo and Mike. Jordo was replaced by Ryan Jones who was found by accident while trying out a singer named Justin Miller who brought Ryan along for fun. Days before the cover show, Brad Mauro came along to test lights while other singers were tried. Brad decided to grab the microphone for fun and was the best possible choice for vocals which sounded like Slayer. This gave the public a look at what Jagstog has become and what they had to offer.

Justin Miller filled performed vocals for one show but it just didn't seem to work out. Vocal spots were filled by Kevin and Kyle after the departure of Colin Johnson in early 2006. Colin was replaced by Brad later to cover the bass duties.

As shows went on, Jagstog gained more fans and bigger crowds. Many original material shows and another cover show (this time as Megadeth) sent Jagstog on their way up. In the latter of 2006 though, Brad Mauro took some time off for personal reasons while Matt Stanzcyk filled the bass position for just under a year. The band continued to play shows throughout the city which included a highlight performance with former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'anno. When Brad returned, Jagstog began to write new material and practice for a concert at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

On March 19th 2008, Jagstog released their long awaited EP "Evil Deeds." The EP was produced by Chris Barstow and Richard Thompson of Distort'd Studios. They will be using this to promote their upcoming Canadian tour in the summer of 2008.

June 3, 2008 - opened for Sons of Butcher at Kilroys