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The Thunder Bay Bandwiki is a database of bands, events, and figures past and present in the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area. By gathering this information together in a simple format, we can collaboratively build a history more detailed than anyone could on their own. Please add any missing information that you can to this wiki.

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Prior to the covid pandemic, Thunder Bay was home to tons of local bands in almost every musical genre. The downtown Port Arthur scene was very active with multiple venues regularly promoting local and touring bands. In addition to clubs, Thunder Bay also has a renowned Auditorium and also regularly hosted festivals outdoors at the Marina. Thunder Bay was often host to high caliber out-of-town shows including major touring acts. Many underground punk and metal bands stop to play shows in Thunder Bay while touring by van/car through Canada because Thunder Bay is located on the only TransCanada Highway connecting Winnipeg to the west and Sault Ste. Marie to the east.

This wiki has been dormant for a few years but @destructo began maintaining the site again in September 2021. Most of the info is not current but is still invaluable information on the history of the Thunder Bay music scene. If you would like to edit the wiki, please contact me by emailing me at destructo (at) tbshows still has an active database of upcoming and past live events. Facebook is currently the most popular networking tool for musicians, promoters and venues in the area.


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Genres: Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, Metal, Black Metal, Rock, Electronic, Country, Psychobilly

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. Achilles Last Stand . Apollopalooza . War On The Shore . Revolution Music Night . Sandjam . Sandjam 2 . The Hunger Cabaret . Super Sexy Saturday . The Cover Show . Thunder Bay Songwriter . Thunder Bay Bluesfest . Cheersopenstage . Branch 5 Open Stage


Hot Smoke And Sassafras, It Came From Thunder Bay, Thunderground, An Anthology of Underground Music in Canada Vol. IV, Homegrown, Thunderbands 1991, Thunder Bay Blues Sampler 2004, Revolution Music Compilations, Darwin Music Canada Compilation, Baycore Compilations

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