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Years active Summer 2005-
Genres Metal
Associated bands The Auditor General
Current status Active






This is Norris, a relentless musical force that first exploded onto the scene in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the summer of 2005. With four brutally heavy technical masterpieces, the band gained one of the most rabid followings the Thunder Bay scene had ever experienced. Shortly after their first show they recorded their EP "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Regret to Inform You That Our Worldwide Anthem is an Explosion" which was met with great acclaim in the community, and the band set out on their first Canadian tour. After demolishing audiences across the country (in Prince George, BC a show-goer broke his arm in a Norris pit, only to stick around after the show and have his EP autographed by the band), the band returned to Thunder Bay to work on the follow-up to their EP.

During the writing, things seemed to fall apart... Bassist Jamie Smith was overcome by his success from snapping photos for the local newspaper where he was hailed as the greatest photographer in the city. Drummer Josh Hogan decided he would rather save money by making spring rolls and moonlighting as a singer in a local band, and then move to Toronto to try his hand at luck in the big city. Guitarist Justin Sillman took off to unknown regions of the world to ride his bicycle, all but giving up on playing his guitar. His counterpart Richard LeBlanc suffered a breakdown and moved to London to work on sick riffs and ponder life. Lead singer Curtis Wilson became swamped by a cloud of pure hatred, and decided to live in the forests of BC.

Now, after one and a half years of inactivity, all five members have realized that Norris is the only true way to express themselves to the world. They have decided to get this musical monstrosity back together to cross the country constantly and slay audience after audience, show after show. Witness one of their live shows to see a show that will leave you picking your jaw up (as well as several appendages) off the floor. Revel in their recorded material, and understand that Jamie probably sacrificed four bass guitars to the wall and Justin tried 122 different takes of one 20-second part just to see which one sounded better. No matter what you do, just get into it now before it shows up in your town and eats you alive.


Studio albums

Year Details
2011 The Great White North
  • Released: March 22, 2011
  • Label: Year of the Sun
  • Format: CD


Year Details
2009 Bone Crusher
  • Released: June 2009
  • Label: Feast or Famine
  • Format: CD-R
2005 Ladies and Gentlemen, We Regret to Inform You That Our Worldwide Anthem is an Explosion
  • Released: August 2005
  • Label: Independent
  • Format: CD-R

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  • Behemoth
  • Converge
  • Cry of the Afflicted
  • Cryptopsy
  • Cursed
  • Napalm Death
  • Necronomicon
  • Origin
  • Rosesdead
  • Terror
  • The Black Dahlia Murder
  • The End
  • The Gorgeous
  • The Johnsons
  • Tugnut

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