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Not At Fault




  • First show February 2002 @ Armanis w/ Grynd, Second in Line, Korova and Brunsin.
  • Played over 75 shows locally over 4 years
  • A Better Place album was produced by KP Merkley
  • The Band self produced essentially all of its own recordings
  • Did No Use For A Name and NOFX sets for the infamous Apollopalooza cover shows
  • The band's music was a blend of melodic punk, skate punk and hard rock that was mixed with vocal hooks, heavy guitars and powerful drums
  • Opened for well established punk bands No Use For A Name, Bigwig, Guttermouth, Gob, Ten Foot Pole, Slick Shoes, Planet Smashers, Tsunami Bomb, Belvedere, Useless I.D, Allister, Ghosts of Modern Man, A Wilhelm Scream, Irish Car Bomb, Downway, Big D & The Kids Table, The Getaway, The Reason, Sector 7, Clarknova, Far From Heroes and many more.
  • CDs available at
  • Reunited for a one off show December 28, 2007 @ Kilroys along with Falsity and Black Amber.
  • Competed in Achilles Last Stand 2003