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Associated bands Makeshift Astronaut, Sr. Detonator "Makeshift Astronaut]], [[Sr. Detonator" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
Current status Active




Started jamming/writing together in the Summer of 2010, immediately following the end of Sr. Detonator.

Band usually jams every Monday. Beer or Coca-Cola is often consumed. Lady-partners are slowly deafened. Players switch instruments, depending on song/idea. For the first few shows, pre-recorded audio collage was incorporated in-between instrument switches, but this practice was eventually abandoned in favor of waves of uncomfortably loud feedback.


  • Rock, Dammit!

Released May 5th, 2012 Recorded from Feb to May, 2012 at The Racket Room by Chad Decent. Available via download on

  • Cheaters

10 track full length. Released Sept, 2014. Available via download on

  • Lost & Found

10 track full length. Released April 1st, 2017. Available via download on

Show Log

  • Stopped keeping track at this point.