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Revenge Of The Mormons were a 2 piece Drum and Bass punk band that existed between the summer of 2007 through until the winter of 2009. The band discussed such relevant subjects as bus fare increases, washing dishes, and the fact that people never seem to "shut the fuck up" about the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Another good portion of their lyrical material revolved around getting high and drunk.

The band went on hiatus for roughly one year after Gab moved to Montreal.

Prior to that the band released a split tape with their previous band Dishonourable Discharge. 100 copies are in print.

They also released a super rare CD featuring the band's first jam of which only 2 copies exist.

In May 2009 Revenge Of The Mormons added guitarist Jack Dacey to be a part of their band and released a demo entitled "The RCMP Can Suck On This!"

In August 2009 they released their first full length album entitled ROTM through Mistake By The Lake Records and embarked on a tour of southern Ontario.