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As a political raptivist, Solomon is not your average emcee. The difference is that when he gets on the microphone he actually has something to say. And he speaks his message loud and clear on every one of his musical projects: hip hop needs saving, or, at the very least, it needs social critiquing. Straying far from the glamour and the glimmer of the high class gangster, Solomon returns to the roots of a lost culture as a nomad who explores the concept of thought-provoking, witty lyrics and atmospheric, laid-back beats. It is a return to consciousness. Relying solely on complex word structure and gritty, often melancholic, musical scores, this emcee/deejay/producer shapes his simple sound like a sculptor who chisels earnestly at a block of marble. It is a sound that may take some getting used to, at least initially. His music doesn't boast about the benjamins or brag about the bling. It lacks the catchy R&B hooks sung by famous movie stars. It won't overflow your cup with crunk juice. And it won't make you want to hit the dance floor and shake your booty all night long. But it will make you think, which is something that most hip hop records no longer attempt to do. Infused with moral debates and philosophical ideals, Solomon's sound rejects the mainstream music and its simplistic party jams. Instead, his music is raw and it is fresh. Served best with a pair of headphones, this late night lounge music is a captivating alternative to the formulaic genre of today's rap scene. While Solomon may not be able to save hip hop singlehandedly, he certainly does his best to preserve it of his own accord.