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Use this template for bands. It will automatically add the page to the 'Bands' category and the 'Notable Bands' category, if appropriate. You can add the following fields:

  • alt_names: Other names this band has gone by
  • years_active: When the band was active
  • location: If this band was ever based somewhere other than Thunder Bay, mention it here.
  • main_songwriter: If there was one person who did most of the songwriting, you can add it here
  • genres: Which genres the band did mostly
  • associated_bands: Other bands they worked with, shared members with, etc
  • associated_venues: Venues they played a lot at, etc
  • see_also: Anything else
  • known_for: Why this band was important
  • notable_for: Use this in place of known_for to automatically add the band to 'Notable Bands'.
  • website: The band's main website. List others in the 'External Links' section.
  • status: Is the band currently active, on hiatus, broken up, etc

Here's an example of what you'd stick into a band's page to put them in a template:

|alt_names=[[The Free Beers]], [[Free Beer and the Beers]], [[The Beers]]
|genres=[[Hardcore Punk|Punk]], [[Easy Listening]], [[Grindcore]]
|notable_for=Last band in town to release an 8-track tape
|status=Broken up

To get started, cut'n'paste this into a band's page:


If you have any other ideas for fields, email Tjernobyl.