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The Furies
Years active July 2004 - Dec 2005
Genres Punk
Associated bands Phasers On Stun, Bubblegum Crisis "Phasers On Stun]], [[Bubblegum Crisis" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
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Current status Defunct

The Furies



The Furies came about after Chad Decent and REDACTED had been jamming with Paul Thompson of defunct Thunder Bay band Phasers On Stun. After the demise of Phasers, Paul had moved away for school. But it was in the summer of 2004 that he returned and ran into Chad at a local show. The two caught up for a while and Chad explained he had a solo project he wanted to play live, and thought it'd be great if Paul could help out on bass. With REDACTED on drums, the basic arrangement of what would become The Furies was taking seed.

After playing shows for all three members various solo projects, the three decided they had been gelling really well musically. They all shared a rich history in the local underground music community but realized they'd never been in a real band together. They decided it was time to start one. One interesting thing about this band was that it had a pre-determined end put in place, as Paul would only be living in town for a couple of years.

The band decided to make the most of their limited time together, and before a note was played they had a conversation about the nature of the music they wanted to make. While avoiding the trap of defining any particular style for themselves, some real aesthetic values and aspirations were put on the table. Chad would take the bass and Paul would cover guitar duties. REDACTED felt most comfortable on drums. The band would have a focus on experimentation, with each member contributing equally to the melody and arrangement ideas. Ideas and arrangements were written in the rehearsal space(garage) only. That way, each member could have a chance to play an equal role in the generating and arrangement of songs. Ideas came fast as everyone felt invigorated and inspired by the initial jams. About six months after first forming the band they played their first show. They continued to play a handful of shows as schedules allowed, and continued to evolve. Over the course of a year, they made a conscious effort to mill as many ideas as possible. The band's creative output would not last much longer.

Although they were excited, REDACTED had re-entered school and Paul was a very busy pharmacist. Jams became less frequent after the initial burst of energy and performances. It was a very short creative life(about a year), as the band seemed to burn hard and burn out quickly. They managed to finish 10 songs for a record to be released posthumously. The band recorded the album over the course of a weekend. They decided they had nothing left to offer as Paul was soon moving to Toronto and REDACTED and Chad were no longer seeing eye to eye, both musically and personally. They agreed to play one last show to release the record in December of 2005.

Paul moved to Toronto to play with his old bandmates Mark Rhyno and Greg Rhyno in The Parkas. REDACTED focused his energies on school, while Chad continues making an ass of himself with his various solo projects.


The Furies (2005)


  1. Little Bitter House
  2. Bad News
  3. King of the Dipshits
  4. Expiration Date
  5. The Opportunity
  6. Unsettle Me
  7. A Scar and a Nickname
  8. Original Skin
  9. Why Can't We Be Astronauts?
  10. Wake Up Call

No official release.

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