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Speedway Detectives
Speedway Detectives at Achilles Last Stand 2003
Classic Lineup of Speedway
Classic Lineup of Speedway Live at the "old" Apollo
Speedway Detectives Reunite! - Dec 11, 2009



Lineup that recorded CD:

Other members:


Well we've been around for years and have had dozens of line up changes.

  • "Speedway doesnt just play rock n roll, they live it."
  • "They are the hardest party you can be around"
  • "The gritty, dirty fowl sound and fuck you attitude."
  • "Live is where they really shine."
  • "Speedway is the fucking definition of rock and roll."
  • "Speedway is the essence of punk rock."
  • "One of the most original bands around."
  • "Leave your shit ass attitude at the door."

-various posts on tbshows

Other Info

  • Had a track on An Anthology of Underground Music in Canada (Uncle Sam) in 1997. This was their first song, and the band formed for the sole reason of creating track for compilation. They started playing live after this song was created.
  • Played 100's of shows.
  • Released 2 cd's Demo's (2003) and "A Cause for Concern" (2005)
  • Also released a CD-R called "Live and Rare" (2004)
  • Won Achilles Last Stand and used winning proceeds to record "A Cause for Concern"
  • Last Show was on Wednesday, December 19th 2007 @ Kilroys [1]
  • Also performed at last show were Faceless Hulk, Red Devil, Rock Truck and Bottom Rockers
  • Reunited for a show on December 11, 2009 with support from Rock Truck, Bottom Rockers, and Trenchfoot. [2]



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  5. A Cause for Concern at #7 on CILU charts December 20, 2005

- Competed in Achilles Last Stand 2003