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Daniel Gallinger


(I) Daniel Gallinger was born March 10, 1992 in Thunder Bay Ontario. At an early age I was very interested in taking music. My first instrument I excelled on was the Ukelele in grade 4. In grade 5, I developed an itch to learn to play guitar, so that was my next instrument. I continued to play guitar up into high school, when a friend of mine had a drumkit for sale. I was eager to learn, so I bought them. Since then, I have been playing constantly, and continue to learn as I grow. In grade 10, I took instrumental band at Hillcrest. We played many contemporary jazz pieces, and I decided to play bass. This is when reading music became important to me again in my musical learnings. Now, going into grade 12 coming this fall, I will again be playing Bass in the Hillcrest Jazz band, and continue my music studies, possibly into university.


-Bass(We Belong In Fiction)
-Drums(Without The Glory)


-Without The Glory(April 2008-January 2009)
-We Belong In Fiction(March 2009-Present)