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For the youth venue that operated in the 90s, see The 4th Dimension

The 4D - The Fourth Dimension Coffeehouse


History and Description

The Fourth Dimension was Thunder Bay area's first folk club, often known as the 4D. Gord Crompton opened the coffeehouse in 1962, in the former Seaway Club near the corner of George and Simpson Streets. It was part of a Fourth Dimension coffee house chain, with locations in Regina and Winnipeg. The building was demolished to make way for the extension of Simpson Street.

Local folk groups & entertainers such as The Ramblers, The Rovers and Tom Kelly played regularily. Others played all three locations.

In April 1965, Neil Young and the Squires was the opening act for Stephen Stills folk group *The Company*. Although Neil's band had impressed Stephen Stills, The Squires broke up in the summer of 1965.

Another band to play the 4D, was The Vendettas. They stayed in Thunder Bay for long periods of time. Lead by Keith McKie, who latter formed the Kensington Market, with Luke Gibson of Luke & The Apostles. The Vendettas returned in September 1966, without their drummer, replacing him with Ted Ceril from a local band called The Bluestone Five. They left Thunder Bay in October 1965, before the 4D closed for good.