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The Jarvis Street Revue



The Jarvis Street Revue (JSR) was formed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in the late 60's around the talents of, Tom Cruickshank, Wayne Faulconer, Tommy Horricks and George Stevenson . In 1970 the band released their only album, Mr. Oil Man which was recorded at DMG Sound Studios in Thunder Bay.

JSR played The Spike Coffeehouse three Sundays, March 29, 1970, November 01, 1970 & October 31, 1971, scoring the largest total audience of 445 persons.

The Jarvis Street Revue reunited in the fall of 1999, 27 years after the original drummer, Tom Cruickshank left the group, being replaced by several drummers and eventually Smokey Wickman. The group included Larry Breiland who had been playing with Tom Horricks in Dubi & India.

Their first gig was at the Lakeview Lodge and then moved to Hodder Tavern, where Tom Cruickshank left the group again. Smokey Wickman replaced Tom and they moved to The Circle Inn. Wayne Faulconer was next to leave, with Terry Stiles taking his place. When Tommy Horricks left, the band was reorganized and renamed the Rock N Roll Revue