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A co-founder of The Tempests and a natural lead Guitar player and vocalist, Wayne hails from Keewatin, Ontario. His younger years were spent listening to and learning from such guitar masters as Chet Atkins, Hank Marvin of The Shadows and The Ventures.

At present, he can undoubtedly be classed as one of the finest guitar players around whether it be blues and slide guitar or rock & roll. Upon the break-up of Satan and the D-Men, Wayne performed in Vancouver, British Columbia with a trio of musicians and later, after a brief stay in Kenora, arrived in Thunder Bay where he successfully obtained his College degree in Electronics.

Wayne continued to perform there with The Jarvis Street Revue. This group of musicians became tremendously well-known and could be found performing nightly for many years at the Flamingo Club in Thunder Bay.

With a band called StoneRidge, Wayne recorded an album of original songs in Nashville and Toronto and was nominated for a Juno award for his efforts.

He can be heard on many local recordings with area artists and has become somewhat of a household name in Thunder Bay where he has resided for years. Wayne's daughter Cassie has taken up bass guitar and plays in different groups in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. where she is also tremendously successful.

Also available is a CD by the Wayne Faulconer Band called, "A Band's Gotta Do What A Band's Gotta Do." This collection of fine songs includes originals as well as cover tunes and will without a doubt give the listener a complete journey through the many different styles of music that Wayne is capable of playing.

Wayne continues to perform locally with many talented and professional musicians and has performed for the past two years at the annual Thunder Bay Blues Festival at Marina Park.