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LU Radio, also known as CILU 102.7FM, is a non-profit, campus based community radio station. What this means is that the majority of our programming comes from students and community members right here in Thunder Bay. All programming is done on a volunteer basis, and the majority of tasks at the radio station are done by our volunteers as well.

The goal of LU Radio is to provide support for the community, training and work experience for volunteers and community accessible media for both the community of Thunder Bay and student body of Lakehead University. Our broadcasting reflects an attempt to provide the community of Thunder Bay and students of Lakehead University an alternative to programming already found on the CBC and commercial radio stations in Thunder Bay. We also do our best to support local arts, charitable organizations and other publicly beneficial events.


The station plays a diverse amount of music from metal to punk to underground hip hop to independent to canadian to folk to jazz to classical to you name it, they play it.

The best non-commercial station in town.

Phone Number

Main Office Phone: 807-343-8881

(General Enquiries, Advertising, Requests)


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