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Camden Blues has been playing/recording/promoting all over the great province of Ontario for over ten years. After acheiving mild indepednt sucess with his heavy metal/punk band The Speedway Detectives, their 2005 release "A Cause for Concern" was just not enough for him. Forming Camden Blues and the Overnight Sensations in the heat of the summer of 2006 with other local musicians, he has come to realize his complete musical dreams by leading the fearless five piece electric blues rock outfit into bars and clubs all around the province. With his trusted band (Guitar Greg, Muddy Matt, Easy Evan and Faceless Andy) C Blues has broken free of the punk rock stereotypes and the band he leads could break into a sultry 12 bar solo marathon, or the most in your face garage rock at any time. All members of the band come from diverse musical backgrounds that it has given the band a sound all it's own.