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Circa 82/83

One of Thunder Bays greatest "Cover" bands.....did lots of Streetheart, Harlequin and Chilliwack... They had a custom built Electric Sign with about 100 light bulbs... that measured approx 16ft by 4ft by 2ft weighed about 300lbs (or more) and stood on 6ft cast iron poles (This thing was as big or bigger than the original KISS sign....I know because I set it up with Pat enough times..) and it spelled Garrison with a light chaser and flash was hinged in the middle so it could be folded in half for moving.When the band split up it was sold to... Cimmaron... (they only had to change 3 out of the 8 letters and then re'arrange some of the others)....sure wish I had a picture of it.

Garrison Garrison83.jpg

Playing at Rods wedding (83?) nice threads..!!

Garrison Garrisonliveatikokan.jpg